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Common Misconceptions About Funerals; Myths Debunked

Rather than engage in some banter about why funerals are, and always will be popular, we thought the best way to tackle this topic is to and the myths that seem to have built up about them.


Well the answer to that is yes and no. If you are comparing the least expensive funeral to the least expensive cremation then cremations are less expensive. But many funeral homes in Sydney offer very affordable packages when someone dies and design their services to meet a variety of budgets. Our services are itemised which means you can add or seek variety in each specific service offering.

They’re only for religious people

Rituals that mark a person’s departure and honour their achievements pre-date organised religion so the assertion is incorrect. Of course many or most funerals are aligned with a person’s religious beliefs and faith but not necessarily.

All bodies are embalmed as a requirement by law

Incorrect. If a body is going directly to burial or cremation, embalming is not necessary. For an open coffin or repatriation a body must be embalmed.

Pre-paid funerals cover everything

Prepaid funeral costs don’t necessarily cover everything so it’s important that you don’t assume it is otherwise you could be in for quite a shock. If your loved one has invested in a pre-paid funeral that’s a really sensible thing to do. The money invested is held by a reputable financial institution until it is required. Your loved one may have paid for most things but not everything. Maybe they didn’t want something included that you did. Find out before the funeral is organised to avoid any surprises.

Funeral directors are unnecessary

Funeral homes in Sydney and the work they do is often underestimated. Grieving people rarely see the commitment and expertise that they’ve invested in. For starters, there’s a quick turn-around. Unlike a wedding which is organised over a long period, a funeral must be organised immediately – in some instances and religions, the funeral takes place and bodies are buried almost immediately.

Funeal directrors arrange for the death certificate, take your loved ones into their care, organise venues for the service, choose a cemetery, notify relatives, comfort the family or partner, meet with the family and make sure every detail is covered.

If somebody you love needs to be cared for or if you have any questions about funerals compared to cremation or perhaps you’re interested in discussing a pre-paid funeral service, contact Southern Cross Funeral Directors for an obligation free conversation.