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How Do I Find Funeral Directors in Sydney?

For the bereaved, there are a multitude of options and funeral directors in Sydney that can be engaged. Some funeral homes can provide only the most basic funeral service options and fail to offer any personalisation or emotional support for those who are left behind.

It is not easy to distinguish and identify between funeral providers who are great funeral directors and those that are not. Before engaging a funeral director in Sydney, try to make sure you consider the following points, but most importantly, go with your gut.

What does a funeral director do?

Under NSW state government regulation, funeral directors are here to assist the bereaved to plan, arrange and conduct the funeral service of a deceased ensuring that all care, governance & administrative facets are adhered to. When someone dies, the funeral provider is responsible for ensuring that the deceased is safe and cared for until the funeral service delivery.

To offer some insight, the funeral director handles all facets of care from transportation from place of death, to the service and interment sites, executing all instructions provided by family, and completing all administrative requirements. This includes applying for the Official Death Certificate and booking all external service partners to ensure that on the day of the service all instructions and paperwork are carried out as required.

Carefully conduct research.

Funeral directors in Sydney and throughout the world are unique businesses offering a broad range of services. When you or your family are faced with a death it is best practice to ensure you obtain quotations. Recent legislative changes now require all funeral providers to issue itemised quotations to the bereaved upon request.

By executing your right for an itemised quotation you are able to compare fees and charges from different providers to assist you and your family in engaging a funeral director that suits your needs. Remember, the key here is to ensure that you are comfortable with the funeral director you engage. To coin a phrase, you pay peanuts, you may get monkeys. Cheapest is not necessarily the best.

Historically, like any business, some funeral providers work on a KPI basis resulting in various options being offered in an effort to “upsell”. So it is important to have some idea of what is actually required and go from there.

The funeral director’s main role is to be there for you. Ensure that you are clear on what you require and feel free to ask as many questions as possible. You don’t know if you don’t ask.

Ensure they offer what you’re looking for.

A helpful way to assist you to gain an understanding of services offered by a funeral director is to visit their website. All funeral providers are required to display standard pricing as a requirement. However, it is better to contact the provider directly to enquire with them on service options they may offer.

Times are changing. There are many options available to the bereaved such as environmental options and venues to hold the service.

Read reviews.

When selecting a funeral director in Sydney, word of mouth is arguably one of the most insightful ways you can find providers.

Recommendations from people in your social circle and extended family who have been through the experience of arranging a funeral are the best opinions to consider when faced with death.

Reviews are also useful ways of finding all the information you need to settle on a choice. Sometimes, this can be easy to find via Google or local articles, but other times it’s an arduous process involving hours and hours of calls and emails.

These days, most funeral homes have a social media presence such as on facebook or instagram. It is good to take a look and get a feel for how they engage and how their community interacts with them socially.

Take location into consideration.

It’s important to find a local funeral home that has an office nearby so that you can plan the arrangements without having to travel too far. Try to figure out the distance and costs of travelling, so you can ensure that you will be able to make every necessary trip. With advances in technology, some providers can even assist by arranging services via video link, email and phone especially since the Covid pandemic.

Arranging a funeral service can be an extremely stressful time. If you and your family prefer a face to face consultation, some funeral directors are happy to visit you in your home, which can make things easier for you and your family.

Meet with the funeral directors in person if possible.

Choosing a good funeral director is the most important thing you can do to ensure that your loved one is given the send-off that you want them to have. When choosing a funeral director, it is important to think about what sort of person you’re going to feel happy talking with about arrangements and what sort of choices you want to be offered.

Learn about payment options.

If you’re struggling to find the money for a funeral, ask what payment options are available before arranging one. Funeral homes usually accept cash and bank transfers, but sometimes other credit cards and cheques are accepted too. It’s important to find out before ordering a funeral to avoid any possible disappointment later on.

Funerals can be an emotional time for families and friends. If you feel worried about funeral costs, don’t be. Funerals are sometimes more expensive than you think, and all too often people are pressured into choosing a funeral that they can’t afford. So be firm about what you want and what you really need.


While designing a tribute indeed takes a lot of time and effort, the right elements can help you create the best and most memorable send off for your loved one.

The tips discussed above should set you on the right course to creating a memorable funeral that is fit for the loved one you are honouring. Hopefully, these tips will ease any stress that you have regarding funeral planning and give you peace of mind during such trying times in your life.