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Month In Review – Nov ’15

Well what a Month it’s been for funeral services in Sydney! With one of the most revealing and damaging assessments of the funeral insurance industry conducted by ASIC it’s no wonder we have received an unprecedented number of inquiries on pre-paid funerals

Funeral Insurance

Is Funeral Insurance Wise – ASIC says be careful!

If you or someone you know is seriously considering Funeral Insurance. Be sure to check out the latest recommendation from ASIC, it’s a real eye-opener and will help you make an informed decision.

Choosing Funeral Flowers

How to choose the right flowers for a Funeral

The passing of a family member or loved can be a very emotional and confusing time and it’s important to understand the appropriate flower etiquette. So we have pulled together the meanings behind the most common types and colours of funeral flowers.

independent funeral director

4 Things Funeral Directors will never reveal about themselves

It’s probably not something you think about often (or at all), but when you are looking to arrange a funeral for a loved one, or perhaps pre-plan a funeral, it’s good to know the sort of people you will be dealing with.

I wrote this article not to promote our services, but to let you know it takes a special person to be a funeral director, so next time you talk to an independent funeral director, even if it’s not Southern Cross Funerals (Sydney), remember this message. Remember they have your best intentions at heart, but most of all, remember that they are just like you.