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Our burial services

The primary purpose of a burial is to provide a final resting place for the deceased. The act of burying the dead is often considered to be a respectful ceremony and is an important aspect of many religious practices. It also gives family members the opportunity to see their loved one one last time before they are laid to rest. If a burial plot hasn’t been previously purchased your cemetery of choice will need to be contacted and an appointment made to select a resting place for your loved one. Alternatively, if a plot has already been purchased we will liaise directly with the cemetery to arrange for the burial to take place on the day of the service.

Burial site location can have a financial, religious and family impact on your life. Below we outlined some tips that may assist in choosing your cemetery or burial site:

Usually, families already have loved ones interred in a particular Cemetery. If this is the case, contact that cemetery and organise an appointment to see them.

By making the appointment, this gives the Cemetery a chance to offer the different options that they have available that may suit your needs. If the family already owns a site, check to ensure that the grave can be reopened.

In the event that there are no family buried in a particular cemetery, the nearest geographical cemetery is usually chosen. Southern Cross have strong relationships with all the cemeteries we deal with.

If you already have a burial site, or one has been chosen – this is when the funeral arrangements can be started. Southern Cross Funeral Directors are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer your enquiries.


There are various ways to celebrate the life of a loved one at burial services. Below we have outlined some of the requirements and what we offer;

  • flower icon
    Graveside service

    In these instances the service is carried out beside the burial site. In most cases, we will meet at the cemetery office to obtain clearance to attend the grave. With that granted the cortege then proceed directly to the grave where the service is held

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    Chapel to graveside

    The traditional funeral service is held within a chapel of the cemetery where mourners gather to say their final goodbyes. Once complete, the cortege, consisting of family, friends and dignitaries, proceed to the graveside for interment.

  • church icon
    Place of worship to graveside

    This service is held at a place of worship—a church, chapel, synagogue or mosque. From there, the cortege will proceed to the cemetery for interment.

Whatever your preferred choice, the Southern Cross Funeral Directors staff will work with you to ensure everything runs smoothly and the day goes exactly how you want it to.

It always feels like there are a million things to think about when organising something like this. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions we receive.

Frequently asked questions about burials

  • How is a burial service arranged?

    At Southern Cross Funeral Directors, we have a fully automated system to capture your loved one’s information. Once we’ve been engaged, the arrangements can be completed over a phone or video call if you prefer. Alternatively, one of our consultants can complete all the arrangements with you at your home, saving the extra burden of organising family members to meet at one of our offices.

    The Laws governing burials lies with the grantee (owner of the grave). Our consultants complete all the requirements, gather the information and lodge the required documentation on your behalf to Births Deaths and Marriages as well as the cemetery/crematoria. We also book all the relevant timeslots with places of worship, cemeteries and wake locations.

  • Is a burial more expensive than a cremation?

    Yes. The primary reason for that is because a gravesite needs to be purchased. Depending on the cemetery, a grave can cost many thousands of dollars. There is also a fee payable for the gravesite to be opened for a burial to take place.

  • Is there a particular service I need to have with a burial?

    No. In terms of the service, our arranging consultant will assist in finding your family the best celebrant or clergy available – in the event you don’t have one. It is usual to then meet with them to discuss the finer details of the service. There are options, such as a graveside service (taking place at the grave), a dual service (from a church or hall to the graveside), or a Chapel to site service (going from the chapel within the cemetery to the graveside).

  • Do we have to have a coffin for a burial?

    Yes. NSW law states that all deceased must be placed in a coffin, however certain religions are allowed to place a deceased into a grave without one. In all cases though the deceased must be in a coffin when being transported. In situations like this Southern Cross Funeral Directors will dispose of the unwanted coffin on the family’s behalf.

  • Can I place ashes of another loved one into a burial plot?

    Yes, as long at the cemetery agree and a placement for another burial is available. If the site permits, some cemeteries can open a grave to a triple depth – however there will be a cost involved. The grantee (owner of the grave) will also be required to give their permission for any interment that is to take place at the site.

  • How long does the service take once someone dies?

    Once a Funeral Director’s services have been engaged, the arrangements and statutory paperwork have been completed and your loved one has been taken into care, the day of the funeral service can usually be booked within 5 days. The timing is dependent on the type of funeral service and the amount of content required for it.

  • Can you pay for a burial in advance?

    Yes, you can. We do realise that preparing for a funeral can be a difficult process, especially for the loved one left behind who are still in the middle of mourning. To make the process easier, you may want to consider making funeral arrangements in advance.

  • Are burials better than cremations?

    This a difficult question to answer since both have pros and cons. Different people have completely different opinions on the matter. Some believe that burial is a more traditional form of saying goodbye, but others think that cremation may be a better option for those with environmental concerns. Your answer may depend on your personal beliefs, and we can discuss either option with you.

Stories from our clients

“We would like to thank you for all of the care and thoughtfulness that went into my grandmother’s (Gwen) funeral.

Thank you for the care and compassion you showed my mother and the strength you showed. Your kindness will always be appreciated and never forgotten."

- Belinda and family

“On behalf of Russell's family I would like to express our gratitude for the wonderful send off Russell had last Friday. Everything was so well organised and we were very happy with the service you provided. The Celebrant, Deborah Jenkins was a perfect choice as her presentation at the Funeral Service was excellent.”

- Dianne

“With deep appreciation for your kindness and sympathy. You have indeed made our sad time a little easier to bear.”

- Dianne and family

“Thank you so much for being exactly what our family needed in the funeral preparation and the funeral service for our much loved mother.”

- Doris

“I am writing to thank you and every member of your staff for the professional and caring service on the occasion of my husband’s (David) funerals service on 29th May 2017.

We could not fault any part of the service, and we are most grateful."

- Jill and family

“I'd like to thank you and your team for taking care of all the arrangements for my Dad's funeral. On the day of the service the staff were so understanding, kind and supportive it made such a difficult day easier to get through.”

- Laura

“Your bright spirits and kind hearts reflected your professionalism and deep caring for families at their significant time of loss.”

- Lesley, Chris, Rob, Phil and Ken

“Thank you for looking after mum and all the hard work you have done! Words can’t thank you enough. You are one of the best human beings I have ever met in my life. Thanks for being there for all of us girls and keeping me laughing at this sad time. I take my hat off to you, Matty. Love you heap a very special person with a lot of gifts."

- Lisa, Vanessa and Julie