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Our prepaid funeral services

Let’s start with the obvious question for most people: why should I arrange for a prepaid funeral?

With so many other things to think about in everyday life, why would I want to pay for something that is hopefully a very long way off. There are sound reasons why prepaid funeral plans are a great idea.

But at the heart of it are two things: care and cost

Prepaying helps relieve any emotional stress from your family – at a time when they might be least able to cope with it. You are also locking in your funeral costs at today’s price – making prepaying a sound financial investment as well. As well as that you also get to plan things your way and shape the celebration of your life just how you’d want it to be. And that’s something you wouldn’t normally be able to do if the unexpected happens.

Above all else try not to make the subject of dying and funerals a taboo subject. Whilst it might be slightly uncomfortable to begin with, opening up a dialogue with family members about their final wishes creates an opportunity to understand what their preferences are for both medical care and funeral arrangements. It can be hugely comforting to know their exact intentions ahead of time so that everyone has the chance to prepare.

The benefits of prepaid funeral plans in Sydney

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    A more affordable way to meet tomorrow's funeral expenses.

    A prepaid funeral plan is a more affordable way to pay for your ceremony and receive a guaranteed directing price for cremation or burial services.

    Funeral costs have been steadily rising. In the last ten years alone, the cost of a funeral has risen by around 28%. With a prepaid funeral plan, you can lock in current prices so you don't get caught paying more in the future. It can give you a sense of peace, knowing your final expenses will be taken care of.

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    Loved ones won’t have to worry about paying for funeral expenses after your passing.

    When you decide to secure your financial future with a prepaid funeral plan, it makes things easier for your loved ones. Once a plan is purchased, the bereaved will no longer have to worry about funeral expenses, easing stress and anxiety during a difficult time.

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    Leave loved ones with a lasting positive memory.

    Lessen the burden of funeral planning by preparing ahead of time. If your family doesn’t have to think about picking out a casket, writing an obituary, etc., they can focus on grieving and celebrating your life.

    By planning, you can also ensure that your wishes are carried out at your funeral. You can be in control of the minutiae of the funeral and leave loved ones with the lasting memory of a ceremony that captures the essence of a well-lived life.

Our prepaid funerals are prepared through the Funeral Plan Management (FPM) which is a part of the Lifeplan Funds Management Group. As one of the industries largest investment groups this ensures your funds are safe and secure until they are needed.

Frequently asked questions about prepaid funerals

  • What is a prepaid funeral plan?

    Getting a prepaid funeral plan means paying and making arrangements for a funeral in advance. By pre-planning your funeral, your loved ones can avoid making difficult decisions at a time of great emotional stress.

    This ensures that your funeral is just right for you, whether it’s an intimate ceremony or a large gathering. Rest assured that your wishes will be followed.

  • Who can invest in a prepaid funeral plan?

    It is the choice of each individual to decide what they wish their funeral to be like. Both the young and the elderly can purchase a prepaid funeral plan in Sydney. It is an easy, low-cost way to make arrangements for your funeral while you’re still able to do so. It also gives you the freedom of making decisions on what you want to be done with your body after death.

  • How much money can I invest in a prepaid funeral plan?

    The amount of money is determined by the costs associated with your arrangements. So, the cost of your specified funeral determines the amount you need to invest. There is no limit. Keep in mind that the cost of a funeral can fluctuate, and prepaid funeral plans offer a sense of financial security to you and your family.

  • What happens if Southern Cross Funeral Directors ceases to operate?

    The funds invested are held independently of the Funeral Director in a capital guaranteed investment and will still be available to meet funeral costs regardless of Southern Cross Funeral Directors’ position. In the unlikely event that we were no longer trading, you would be able to simply select an alternative Funeral Director.

  • Who keeps a record of these arrangements?

    A copy of your contract, which details your arrangements at the fixed price, is held by both you and Southern Cross Funeral Directors. It is important that you communicate to your family and friends that you have made these arrangements in advance.

  • How is my prepaid funeral plan carried out?

    A family member or personal representative simply contacts Southern Cross Funeral Directors and the arrangements are carried out as detailed in your contract. It's one of life's saddest events, but you can be assured that it will be a time filled with dignity, respect and care for yourself and your family.

  • I would like to arrange a memorial. Can my prepaid funeral plan include this?

    Yes. A memorial can also be pre-arranged. The type of memorial available varies between cemeteries and crematoria and this is an aspect that you can research and determine when setting up your prepaid plan.

  • What if I change residence?

    Generally, your contract will specify the terms regarding interstate transfers and Southern Cross Funeral Directors can help ensure that any new arrangements suit both you and your family.

  • What if I change my mind about a prepaid funeral plan?

    A prepaid funeral plan is a legally binding contract so you need to make sure you understand the terms and conditions before you sign. A prepaid funeral plan does include a ‘cooling-off’ period. It is during this time that you can cancel your contract and receive a refund of your investment. Please contact us for more specific details.

  • Can I alter the terms of my plan?

    Yes, however, this is subject to your agreement with Southern Cross Funeral Directors. Please remember that if you alter your original agreement you may incur additional costs.

Stories from our clients

“We would like to thank you for all of the care and thoughtfulness that went into my grandmother’s (Gwen) funeral.

Thank you for the care and compassion you showed my mother and the strength you showed. Your kindness will always be appreciated and never forgotten."

- Belinda and family

“On behalf of Russell's family I would like to express our gratitude for the wonderful send off Russell had last Friday. Everything was so well organised and we were very happy with the service you provided. The Celebrant, Deborah Jenkins was a perfect choice as her presentation at the Funeral Service was excellent.”

- Dianne

“With deep appreciation for your kindness and sympathy. You have indeed made our sad time a little easier to bear.”

- Dianne and family

“Thank you so much for being exactly what our family needed in the funeral preparation and the funeral service for our much loved mother.”

- Doris

“I am writing to thank you and every member of your staff for the professional and caring service on the occasion of my husband’s (David) funerals service on 29th May 2017.

We could not fault any part of the service, and we are most grateful."

- Jill and family

“I'd like to thank you and your team for taking care of all the arrangements for my Dad's funeral. On the day of the service the staff were so understanding, kind and supportive it made such a difficult day easier to get through.”

- Laura

“Your bright spirits and kind hearts reflected your professionalism and deep caring for families at their significant time of loss.”

- Lesley, Chris, Rob, Phil and Ken

“Thank you for looking after mum and all the hard work you have done! Words can’t thank you enough. You are one of the best human beings I have ever met in my life. Thanks for being there for all of us girls and keeping me laughing at this sad time. I take my hat off to you, Matty. Love you heap a very special person with a lot of gifts."

- Lisa, Vanessa and Julie