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Popular Music Choices for Funerals

When attending a funeral service, in addition to the flowers we choose, the music we hear is often the best representation of our loved one’s personality. Music has the unique power to bring a group of people together and to aptly embody the spirit of the deceased during a service.

There are usually three songs played at a funeral – during the service entry, the exit and throughout reflection. Moving away from traditional hymns, many people are now opting for rock songs, love ballads, or even football club themes for their choice of a final farewell song. Often the deceased may have made it known earlier what songs they would like to have.

If you are in a position where you have responsibility for arranging the music for a funeral, we have collated some of the most popular choices below to help –

The Celebratory

An increasingly popular choice, the celebratory song generally expresses a life well lived and urges the guests to view the service as a moment of joy and not sorrow.
According to research conducted on over 30,000 services performed by Co-operative Funeral Care, one of the largest funeral providers in the UK, Frank Sinatra’s My Way topped the most popular funeral song list for over a decade until 2013, and it’s understandable why.

The Sorrowful

While some funerals are seen as more of a celebration of life, there are those that focus on grief and loss. Many believe that experiencing grief and having a chance to mourn is beneficial in the healing process, and what better way to stir these emotions than with a beautifully sorrowful tune.

Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath My Wings placed third in Co-operative Funeral Care’s study and provides a wonderful backdrop for guests to reflect on the loss of their loved one.

The Humorous

Often reserved for the jokers among us, nothing can lift the spirits of a service more than a humorous song. Many people opt for a light-hearted ditty for their funeral song, aiming to celebrate life rather than mourn it. For others, it’s the perfect way to provide one more final laugh before they say goodbye.

One of the more popular entertaining songs is Monty Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, which knocked Sinatra’s ballad from the top spot in 2014.

No matter the selection, the friendly and professional team at Southern Cross Funerals Sydney are available to discuss any special requirements you may have for your loved one’s funeral service.

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