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Some Things to Consider When Choosing a Cemetery

When somebody you love dies there are a number of important decisions that need to be made very soon after. Some of those will need to be made on the spot without the benefit of any prior consideration; others are decisions that you may have discussed with your loved one prior to their death.

When it comes to what to do when somebody dies, one of the bigger decisions is the choice between cremation and burial. Cremations are becoming increasingly popular. One of the reasons for that would be the cost. A cremation is significantly less expensive.

The popularity of cremations aside, if you have decided on a burial then you do have a few options and a number of things to consider. That applies to when you wish to buy a plot. You may be purchasing with a view to the future or you may be purchasing because somebody you love has recently died. Some of the factors that will influence your decision include:


When it comes to ‘how to pick a cemetery’ there are no hard and established rules about location or reasoning. Some people choose a cemetery in close proximity to where they live. That sounds quite sensible if you are convinced that you or partner and family are intending on staying in the same home. It also depends on where other family members are buried. It is a nice thing to have generations of family members buried at the same cemetery. That may require some travel for visits. When pre-plannng your own funeral, your decision might be based on both of those considerations or, you might choose a spot that you love in a location that has, or had, great significance.

Once you have decided on where you would like the plot to be, you need to factor in some other costs.Some plots cost more than others based on size and location. Do you purchase the exact plot that you are looking at or will your plot be in proximity to that plot?


If you are purchasing a package then what is included in the package. Things like opening and closing the grave are costly and require lots of preparation and some staff to be on hand when you need them. What are your contractual obligations when you purchase a plot? You may not need it for quite sometime so who is responsible for maintenance and upkeep? It is most likely that you will have to pay fees for the upkeep, so how much are they?

What type of caskets are allowed. Green burial” cemeteries are becoming more popular and some cemeteries require a grave liner. Grave liners make sure that the ground does not cave in after burial. Again, both of these are extra costs and they might be imposed sometime after your initial purchase so it’s something you should factor in for the future, if not right away.

For help with these and other questions you should contact Southern Cross Funerals in Campbelltown and other locations across Sydney.

Take the time to consider your funeral plans with a clear mind and, if you choose, in consultation with somebody close to you. We encourage you to visit our website for some frequently asked questions which should address most, if not all of your concerns.

Alternatively, please call us on 1300 087 937 and we will be happy to answer any questions at a time convenient to you. We would like to offer you the same care and support that we have provided to generations of families in their time of need.