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The Advantages of Choosing a Family-owned Funeral Home

When you are arranging the funeral of a loved one, the support you seek should be absolutely tailored to your individual and very specific needs. You have the right to expect the funeral home that you choose to be flexible, responsive and ready to go that little bit further. At times you will need them to venture from the specifics of the funeral package that the larger conglomerates or chains tend to specialise in.

You certainly don’t want to feel as though your funeral is just one of many funerals they are ‘turning out’ for that week. You don’t want to feel like your funeral home is more interested in economies of scale over personalised and individual service.

Unfortunately, when you choose a large organisation who have a ‘funeral home near you’, that individual service with the flexibility you seek, and need, can be missing. For starters, you call a central number that then directs you to the funeral home most suited to your postcode rather than your needs. Some are so large that they have multiple branches in each city.

Their independence and flexibility is limited because their business model is a proven formula that only works if it’s strictly adhered to. Of course each operator brings their own personality to the business but that’s not always a good thing either.

A family owned funeral home like Southern Cross Funeral Directors tailor everything they do to the specific needs of each individual and their family. We manage all of the administrative requirements on your behalf so that we can take your loved one into our care.

Many of our families say that they are so grateful for the way we handle that part of the process. For them, trying to arrange all of those details while coming to terms with a loss alone is very challenging and confronting . We then we work on creating a service that will be most reflective of the contribution that your loved one has made to the lives of his or her family, friends and colleagues.

We like to think of it as our family supporting your family.

Each funeral has a dedicated individual whose sole purpose is to tend to you and your needs until the conclusion of the service. We offer a full funeral planning service and ensure that you are fully informed on every detail. We meet all of your specific requirements and requests and we cover every conceivable option and service to make sure that you haven’t overlooked anything.

If you don’t know a celebrant or have trouble with any aspect of the funeral arrangements, Southern Cross Funeral Directors can make recommendations and provide services like advising and sourcing music at no extra charge. We can arrange the site location for burials in Sydney and advise of any number of options for a cremation. Other services like printing and visual material can be organised by us on your behalf. We do everything we can possibly do to relieve the stress and burden of arranging a funeral.

On the day of the funeral service, our staff arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to commencement. We provide bottled water and tissues for everybody who attends.

We  also provide ‘A Concierge Service’. The concierge is your point of contact on the day of the funeral. You will hear from the concierge on the afternoon prior to the funeral to confirm final details.

After the funeral service, the concierge will bring the signature book, the flowers and any other recordings/ photos that were requested and provided for the funeral.

Southern Cross Funeral Directors are dedicated to supporting you at this very difficult time. Please don’t hesitate to call our staff if we can be of assistance:

Sydney Central: 9529 6644

Macarthur: 4628 3025

Central Coast: 4397 2120

Greater West: 9632 3900