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Top Things to Consider When Planning for Your Own Funeral

Most reputable funeral directors will tell you that there is nothing sadder than seeing a person’s funeral sabotaged by the interests of family or friends who, for any number of reasons, refuse to honour the true nature of a person’s life.

It happens. Non-religious people farewelled with devout, deeply religious ceremonies that are in complete contrast to the way they lived. People excluded from mourning because they represent a part of their lives that a family wants to hide. Sometimes families and friends try their hardest to provide a service that they think their loved one would be happy with, but they weren’t really close enough to the person they are farewelling to know.

It’s a matter of having your affairs in order

None of us can avoid death, that’s a fact. But we can begin to accept it’s inevitability, to some degree, by at least getting our affairs in order. Part of that process is making funeral arrangements that will leave the people that we leave behind in no doubt about what our wishes were when they are organising our funeral.

Power of Attorney

Authorise a power of attorney who can handle your affairs and take control of your funeral arrangements. Preferably somebody who can hold it together while those closest to you are struggling to come to terms with their loss. Of course, that person may well be as close to you as anybody is, but their role will be a special one. They will have made a commitment to you to set aside their own grief and act in everybody’s best interests.

Decide who the right person is and have your solicitor make the arrangements.

Your funeral

One of the bigger decisions that need to be made is whether you want a funeral or cremation. Then there are the finer details like music, readings and who will provide the eulogy, to name just a few. In a matter of days, just after you’ve gone, your family will be expected to make that and other decisions at the height of their grief.  It’s best not to put them through that. It’s an ordeal that can be avoided.

Have a conversation with your family

We reach a certain age (we all recognise when the time arrives) when our mortality becomes a reality and we start to think about ageing and the inevitability of death. That’s when details matter and taking care of ourselves and those closest to us becomes a priority.

Without making it seem too clinical, put together some type of a funeral planning checklist. Talking about your funeral and all the details is important for you and for them. That song you have used as your theme song for big chunks of your life needs to go on record as the song you want to be farewelled to. So does the lifelong friend who you think should provide the eulogy. The considerations of whether you want a religious ceremony; a funeral or cremation; the types of flowers; readings; photographs; and of course where your funeral should be held can be discussed during your conversation.

Prepaid funeral

Lock in the cost of your prepaid funeral plan at today’s prices. Prepaid funeral arrangements make sure that you are farewelled in the way you want to be farewelled, and they take the pressure off your loved ones at the time when they need it the most. Your loved ones won’t need to speculate on which flowers or music to choose. They won’t be in doubt or disagreement about the minister or celebrant and who you should provide the eulogy – these will be decisions that were already made by you.

A prepaid funeral plan will avoid the possibility of something very important being forgotten, such as your desire for a charitable donation instead of flowers. With a prepaid funeral, those closest to you will still be able to provide their own meaningful and personal tributes.

When the time comes the process is simple. A family member, family representative or friend simply contacts Southern Cross Funeral Directors and the arrangements, as detailed in your contract, are carried out according to your wishes.

Take the time to consider your prepaid funeral plan with a clear mind and, if you choose, in consultation with somebody close to you.

Be cautious with your prepaid funeral plan

Like any contract, a prepaid funeral plan has certain terms and conditions. We encourage you to contact some reputable Sydney funeral directors for a quote. If you’re not satisfied, visit our website for some frequently asked questions which should address most, if not all of your concerns.

We can put together a prepaid funeral plan with the same care and support that we have provided to generations of families in their time of need.

Southern Cross Funeral Directors are dedicated to supporting you at this very difficult time. Please don’t hesitate to call our staff if we can be of assistance: