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Top things to do when you’re retired and bored?

The time of your life.

Everyone looks forward to the time when they can leave the office behind and enjoy the spoils of their working life.   Having spent your life working, the time has come to slow down a little and pursue other interests. It is a chance to fulfill the goals and ambitions you have spent a lifetime wishing you had the time to do.  The official retirement age in Australia is 67 years old. We expect to be in good health and to have the financial security to take on the challenges and hobbies that you’ve always dreamed about. When preparing for retirement in Australia many people fear feelings of redundancy or boredom. They dread the the prospect of having too much spare time.  To get the best out of this time of life it is best to arrange things ahead in order to continue to live life to the fullest! Here are some tips to help you plan what to do after retirement!

Top Activities for Retirees:

1. Planning

Before you finish your working life you will no doubt have spent time daydreaming of the life of leisure you will enjoy when you no longer have the obligations of work keeping you busy.  This is an exciting time of life and one you want to arrive at having planned for it. Most of us look forward to this time in our lives but others fear boredom and that their new liberation may leave at a bit of a loose end.  Planning for your retirement gives you peace of mind that the next phase of your life will be fulfilling and rewarding in new and exciting ways and will be a time of great enjoyment and reduced stress. Planning your financial future for the time when you are no longer earning an income usually begins much earlier than retirement itself, so spend time now to understand your likely costs and expenses so that you can enjoy your time comfortable in the knowledge that your basic needs will be met.  It may be time to look at downsizing if your family has flown the nest, or relocating to that destination you dream of when no longer tied to a corporate location. Do you planning ahead of time to know your finances are in order, then make a second list of those projects, activities or occupations you aim to pursue with the time you now have – your hobbies, that treehouse for the grandkids. Whether it is horticulture or modern sculpture that lights you up, set goals ahead of time so as not to lose momentum as you transition your daily life.

2. Family

Retirement is a time to enjoy family and spend the time you may not have had with loved ones.  Decide how much more time you would like to spend with your family and how you would like to support others who do not have the luxury of time.  Join a charity group, assist with volunteer programs, become a member of your local environment team or work part-time in that quirky cafe you love.

3. Health

Good health is essential to enjoying retirement and staying active will ensure longevity.  Working each day can lead to poor habits in the necessity to get everything done, so our health can suffer over a long period of fast food.  Get a full medical regularly and stay active. Join a walking group, or take up cycling, explore local bush walks or start a yoga practice.

4. Holidays

If you have always dreamed of Paris or hitting the open road for an indefinite period now is the time to do it.  If you have planned to spend time seeing and experiencing the places in the world you have been dreaming about, you now have the time and hopefully the good health to expand your horizons.

5. Hobbies

Invariably we have worked most of our lives spending 40 hours a week in pursuit of our financial goals.  This can leave the garden begging for your green thumbs or your golf clubs groaning with underuse in the garage.  Now is the time to pursue your passion and become an expert in an area of your life that brings you joy. You may choose to do further study or consult with others using your extensive experience to continue to bring value and joy to your life and the life of others.

6. Your Affairs

While funeral planning would not feature high on the list of many retirees, now is the time to deal with the practicalities of your affairs in preparation for the ultimate departure.  Planning your own funeral may feel strange, but understanding your options for your later years will provide you with peace of mind and ensure your family and friends are able to honour your life.  Southern Cross Funeral Directors in Sydney are here to help with planning your service. For generations we have helped families through the tough process of losing a loved one, we can work with you to understand your wishes, and how you would like to be remembered.